For Tom Brandus

high on rock hip-hop and rave
high on laser scapes
that swish through your very core

between lush forests and fortress walls
between mountains
making One of it all

high on tatters of remembrance
shredded grass
with fireworks bursting above

buds then flowers sexes in full bloom
expanding against the three lower skies

screenfuls of memories coming
on a split second’s whim

the ponderous heart likewise exploding
in dimensions no one can predict

the faithful bass continuum, heavy
in timeless rhythms of the blood

high-pitched angel voices
nerve filaments tendrils
that gleam twitter rave
a veil lost in the flesh

: man of course, MAN
the measure of all things

weaving pale poisonous weeds
into the burning fodder of life,
changing boulders into vagabond dust

coming back
down the remembered paths