When your feet already grown too large get frozen in the same pair of boots
when you shiver in the same worn-out coat from autumn through next spring
when you can hardly find anything in the kitchen cupboard to spread on your black bread—that means your parents have lost so much that they have started losing the memories as well
: Well, who can know anything about the feast days now? The old people knew a different age and time.
And there are no occasions to use some of the words any longer, either—of course they get forgotten. “So we’re also supposed to take care of the words now!! Why do you tease people with so many questions, my child?! Go and learn what you need to, but do it on your own.”

From the costumes of the old days, only a few parts have been kept. But for Confirmation you’ll have to have the complete outfit. It’s lucky that the grocery’s had some flowered ribbon delivered: including edelweiss, do you hear, with blue and black. You can sew it on the fabric. And, if you look at it from far enough away, it will appear embroidered by hand.

Yes. When you’ve lost too much, you’ll be an orphan even from your traditions.